Investigation Services

Intuitive investigations provide a broad spectrum of investigation and surveillance services for private clients nationwide.

Surveillance work requires certain skill sets that take years of experience to be able to successfully handle civil and criminal surveillance operations and to be able to correctly gain professional and legal evidence that is acceptable for submission in investigations, including court matters.

All our agents are former police, military and intelligence service personnel that have many years of experience on a variety of operations, from investigating abuse of duties as an executor on a will through to live governmental operations working in extremely sensitive environments with a high level of risk to the operative. We are able to offer you our expertise to bring you a satisfactory outcome to your situation and investigation.

Surveillance is a very useful tool in many ways for both private and commercial clients. Our focus at Intuitive Investigations is to provide affordable, professional and comprehensive investigation packages for private clients who need to uncover the facts to allow you to move forward with your next course of action.

Some of the many services we are able to provide:

  • Medical insurance fraud
  • Absent employee monitoring
  • Tenant subletting
  • Debtor tracing
  • Nuisance neighbours
  • Insolvency investigations
  • Missing persons
  • Probate investigation
  • Monitoring of children’s lifestyle
  • Fly tipping
  • Rural observations
  • Protective surveillance

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Intuitive Investigations

How We Operate

On all our operations we utilise both physical, technical and digital equipment to gain the optimum results for you, our client.

Many of our clients request vehicle tracking equipment to monitor persons involved within our investigations. Intuitive Investigations can provide rapid deployment at affordable prices for the fitting and monitoring of appropriate devices.

Tracker deployment is a really effective way of building up patterns of life prior to physical deployment of agents and has the benefit of being much more cost-effective than going straight to using a person to start any surveillance operation. We can then create a suitable bespoke investigation that can deliver the results you are looking for.

To help manage your investigation, we provide you with a secure login to our monitoring platform so that you can easily observe real time GPS information as and when you feel you would like to keep a track of the investigation, inbetween any scheduled updates that we have planned for you.

All evidence gathered on our operations is formulated into a legal court admissible report. Our agents are able to provide witness statements and where necessary can be professional witnesses to make representations.

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